From its humble beginning, photography has always been about capturing the truth, that singular point in time that happened and will never be seen again, except in a photograph that captured it. In that moment, there is a truth that only existed at that point in time. In Pictum Veritas is that truth.


Hi! I am Max. That's me some years ago, aboard 'Cavalier Maxim' (Maxim is my given name, hence the picture) in the St. Lawrence River in Montreal with my first DSLR that succumbed to the rain not that long after this picture was taken. I just had to buy another camera.

Kharkov, Ukraine

I am originally from Kharkov, Ukraine. Kharkov is home to one of the largest squares in the world. Here it is in the previous picture. It is not really square, or rectangular for that matter, but it is pretty big. In 2004, when this picture was taken, for my city's 350th birthday, it housed close to a million people, which was half of the city's population at the time.

Big Apple

I live in New York now. The Big Apple. In fact, I lived here for a better part of my life. My wife and I like to take day trips around New York and take in everything that the city has to offer, taking pictures along the way. Contrary to the opinion you may have formed if you read this far, I don't always warp my pictures into planets. For example, check out my album of 9/11 memorial lights taken over the years here.